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Ben Matros, the director of TRIBALARTAFRICA, has been a key player in the African artifacts collecting field since the 1950’s.

His first trip to Africa to acquire work was in 1960. Since then, he has gone back dozens of times, always returning with the finest, museum-quality collectables, including masks, statues, and other objects. Beyond just obtaining the pieces he felt had the most artistic significance, Matros lived with the villagers and developed a rapport with the tribal elders. In turn he was able to obtain from them their finest pieces. This one-to-one relationship also nurtured his understanding of the art’s significance, both to the tribes on the African continent, as well as to museums and collectors in the Western world.

To share these works with the art community, Matros curated a private gallery in New York City’s Ansonia Hotel, catering only to museums and the world’s most discriminating collectors.

Now Matros can share his art and expertise with the world. Contact him directly:


Matros with Village Chief in Sebou Village, Upper Volta, circa 1974.


Matros sitting on fettish mound in 1975 with Village Chief in Town of Abomey, Dahomey.

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